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  • What are the benefits of installation with Green Energy Wind? +

    Green Energy Wind are one of Northern Irelands leading installers of Wind Turbines. They have been in the industry since 2002. Our proven standards in wind turbine maintenance gives our clients the confidence to trust our team to deliver consistently.

    We are equipped to provide the full “Turnkey” service right down to after care and we hold a stock of parts in house. All of our installations are covered by a warranty regardless of whether or not they are reconditioned or new Turbines.

    Green Energy Wind was one of the first companies in Northern Ireland to become credited by the UK Micro-generation Certification Scheme. All of our team are fully qualified and have received and passed training to ensure they are most qualified team in the industry. Training undertaken has included: CSR, Wind Turbines – Working at Heights and Rescue, Slinger /Banksman, Rough Terrain Teleporter, Lorry Mounted Loader, Managing Safety, Safe Operation of Electrical LV and HV Power System, Manual Handling, First Aid, Plant Operator and Working within Confined Spaces.

  • What is a NIROC? +

    The Renewables Obligation is the Government’s main mechanism for encouraging the generation of renewable electricity. It was launched in Northern Ireland in 2005 as the Northern Ireland Renewables Obligation (NIRO).

    The system rewards generators with certificates called Northern Ireland Renewables Certificates (NIROCs). ROCs are awarded for 20 years on all the electricity generated, not just the amount exported to the grid. The NIRO is subject to regular reviews and the administrator of the NIRO is performed by OFGEM. From the 1st of April 2010, renewable generators will receive a payment of 16.92p per kwh produced.

  • What is MCS? +

    The Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) shows consumers if an installer uses MCS-certified products which have undergone and passed rigorous testing, therefore the installer can provide the highest quality of service every time.

    If a non MCS approved wind turbine is installed in Northern Ireland, you will not receive NIROC payments therefore no return in investment will be available.

  • What are the Benefits of Wind Turbines? +

    Wind Turbines harness the power of wind and use it to generate electricity. Wind turns the blades attached to a rotor which in turn drives the gearbox, this energy is transferred to the generator to create electricity.

    Wind Turbines have the following positive attributes:

    1. Eco-friendly. Due to the fact that a wind turbine relies on wind to power it and doesn’t involve any consumption of fossil fuels it will reduce your carbon footprint.
    2. Wind turbines can provide electricity for the owner, also electricity can be sold back to the grid, therefore varying options of how farms, landowners and investors gain income.
    3. Help the government meet their 2020 targets by reducing carbon emissions.
    4. Gain a substantial income for a 25 year period through ROCS payments.
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