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50/50 Scheme

In a perfect world the land owner would have complete control over their wind energy project and, as a result, be in a position to enjoy the financial benefits exclusively.

However, as we all know, we do not live in an ideal world. The economic downturn has seen finance increasingly harder to access, resulting in many landowners having to agree long-term leases for turbines.

To overcome this Green Energy Wind recently launched ‘50|50’, a new initiative allowing landowners to co-own their wind turbine, with full ownership achievable within an agreed timeframe. ‘50|50’ has been designed by Green Energy Wind specifically for farmers and land owners who wish to install a turbine on their own land, but who do not have access to affordable finance options.

To facilitate this Green Energy Wind will enter a project at any stage, from planning to Grid connection. This option is available for both new and reconditioned turbines. We will enter into partnership with the landowner or whoever has the permission to install the wind turbine. A complete project costing will then be carried out by Green Energy Wind to install the wind turbine after planning consent has been granted. Typical costs may include the following:

  • Grid Connection Costs
  • Civil works
  • Turbine procurement
  • Complete installation and commissioning
  • Regulatory registration
  • Power Purchase Agreement
  • Legal fees
  • Operation and Maintenance Costs
  • Wind Turbine Insurance

Any of the above costs that have already been incurred by the partner prior to the agreement will be included in the total cost – in short, Green Energy Wind will refund 50% of this cost.

We anticipate most ‘50|50’ partnerships will have a 10 year lifespan, after which period landowner will regain full control of the wind turbine for the rest of its lifespan (20 years). But as always, flexibility is the key.  Alternative options include a 5 year partnership from the date of commissioning, with a final buy out option for the landowner at the end of the fifth year. This gives the landowner full control at an earlier stage.

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Investor Pairing

Green Energy Wind are installers for all major wind turbine companies throughout Northern Ireland.  Green Energy Wind deal with both investors as well as landowners and currently we are putting a lot of time and effort into our investor pairing scheme, which will benefit both parties.

The investor pairing scheme is essentially land leasing.  If you are thinking about a site, have planning passed for a site, have a grid connection offer or have grid connection completed we have investors who are able to take on the development at all stages.  Green Energy Wind aim to pair you with a suitable investor for your wind energy project.

Our investors will not tie you into a “No Option Agreement”, it is in Green Energy Wind, our investors and your interest that we install the turbine as soon as the NIE/DNO grid connection has been completed.

Once the suitable investor is selected the terms of the contract will be tailored for each individual case.

If you are a landowner or investor please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more about our investor pairing scheme.