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Refurbished Turbines Partners

Ecotecnia E20

Ecotecnia, previously a manufacturer and installer of wind turbines, were founded in 1981 and based in Spain.  Ecotecnia turbines were designed for mountainous surroundings with blustery conditions.

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Nordtank 150

Manufactured and created in Denmark, Nordtank merged with Micon in 1997 and subsequently were merged with Vestas in 2004.

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Micon M700

Micon Turbines were created and manufactured in Denmark, bought over by Vestas in 2004 the Micon turbines where very popular in the wind turbine industry due to their durability.

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Vestas V27 and Vestas V29

The Vestas wind turbines were created and manufactured in Denmark.  The Vestas turbines are intended for use over a range of harsh conditions and come with a 31m free standing tower to ensure maximum wind capture.  

Download Vestas-V27 Brochure
Download Vestas-V29 Brochure