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Service & Parts

At Green Energy Wind, we don't only install wind turbines we provide all the after install support clients may require. It is essential that Wind turbines are professionally serviced on a regular basis to ensure optimum performance. Correct service and maintenance is key to the life span of your turbine.

Whether you have purchased your turbine from Green Energy Wind, or from a different supplier, our servicing, maintenance and repair department is on hand to provide expert labour, advice and guidance.

After any installation whether it be a reconditioned or a new Wind Turbine, Green Energy Wind provide a warranty agreement in order to cover anything unexpected, while this is a given we would also advise that you choose one of our support services. The support services are split up into 3 different packages, 1.Service Agreement, 2.Service Agreement, Remote Monitoring and reset facility and 3. Turbine Operator.

All of our Service and Maintenance facilities can be provided as part of a 5 or 10 year contract.

  • Service and Maintenance Agreement +

    • The service agreement provided by Green Energy Wind covers both preventative maintenance and scheduled maintenance.
    • Preventative maintenance ensures the turbine is functional and includes making any adjustments which may be required to ensure the equipment remains in Good Working Order.
    • Scheduled Maintenance covers annual checks as per the manufactures instructions ensuring the turbine is in good working order.
  • Remote Monitoring and Reset Facility +

    • Green Energy Winds remote monitoring and reset facility covers everything within the service agreement as before and has been set up so we are able to monitor your site remotely.
    • Your turbine controls will be uploaded on to our control system so we are able to detect any faults which may occur enabling Green Energy Wind to reset the wind turbine remotely from our office, or required arrange a site visit to do a manual fix.
  • Turbine Operator +

    • As Turbine Operator Green Energy Wind covers everything within this package. Your service and maintenance is covered, we will remotely monitor your site, and we will also provide quarterly reports, which will depict various different readings detailing your sites performance, such as Revenue, Production Time, Downtime, Fault Reports. The reports will be presented in both written and analytical format.
    • This service not only covers looking after the turbine but also care of site security, fire and safety checks and required general site maintenance required to the site itself.
    • The Turbine operator option is an all-inclusive service meaning Green Energy Wind will take care of absolutely everything allowing you to reap the benefits without any worry or hassle.
  • Parts +

    Green Energy Wind stock all consumables and have a wide range of spare parts. We keep a stock of different components to help combat against most known issues and we have a readily accessible supply chain connection throughout Europe for all other wind turbine components should they be required, please do not hesitate to contact our parts department at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Parts supplier Brian at Wicotech providing training.

  • Availability Guarantee +

    As part of our service and maintenance scheme Green Energy Wind can also provide an availability guarantee as an add-on to the service and maintenance agreement. Upon discussing a servicing contract we can agree an availability percentage in which your turbine will be available and online.
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