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Green Energy Wind 
Service & Maintenance

Renewables Provider 
in Northern Ireland

Green Energy Wind is one of the longest established Wind Turbine Installers in the UK & Ireland. 

With over 500 turbine installations and counting we have the expertise and the know-how to provide the best possible solution to meet out Client's Requirements

Our Mission

At Green Energy Wind seeks to deliver first class customer service through both high quality and cost effective solutions for wind energy projects using a team work approach. 

Our key asset is our people. We promise to provide our valued employees with a safe work environment. This is supplemented by a quality training regime which lends Green Energy Wind Service & Maintenance to be at the forefront of the Wind Industry.
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Green Energy Wind
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Green Future Proof Energy
The wind industry is marked by a proliferation of turbines, dropping costs, and heightened performance. In many locales, wind is either competitive with or less expensive than coal-generated electricity—and it has no fuel costs and no pollution. 
Impressive ROI
 Onshore wind turbines generate electricity at a utility scale, comparable to power plants. They replace fossil fuels with emissions-free electricity.
What’s more, it takes one year or less to build a wind farm—quickly producing energy and a return on investment.
Utilise your Space
Onshore wind farms have small footprints, typically using no more than 1 percent of the land they sit on, so grazing, farming, recreation, or conservation can happen simultaneously with power generation.
Extent & Scope of Work
At Green Energy Wind we take great pride in both installing new and remanufactured turbines. In the current economic climate, a new turbine option may not be viable, therefore a remanufacturing process is available. This is where we take used models such as Vestas, Micon, Wind World, Bonus & Nordtank and subject them to an extensive remanufacturing process, usually exceeding the original specification. We aim to deliver on every turbine a high quality output performance. In some cases payback time of the complete project can be almost halved. 

By providing a high quality build, we are able to have less downtime of the wind turbine, which will increase production. Our confidence in our machines is reflected in our competitively priced Service & Maintenance contracts. 

We also supply and install hybrid Windcharger and solar systems for small off grid systems.
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